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Your Professional Opportunity

YOUR professional opportunity - this might be one of the current or future vacancies of our customers in our core markets, i.e. the plastics mechanical engineering industry including peripheral devices and the energy industry for the EPC of conventional and nuclear power plants. 

If you plan to assume a new professional opportunity in the short, medium or long run, we would like to welcome you to one of our dynamic applicant pools so that we can inform you when we fill a vacancy that might be of interest for you. 

Please hand in your application via e-mail, preferably in .pdf or .doc formate. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have experience

On the basis of our prior business careers we provide professional recruiting services for executives in the middle and top management. Especially in top positions, where "you are one of a few", we would like to be the strong partner at your side. 

We exercize discretion

We provide recruiting solutions with the necessary sensitivity and discretion. It is especially important for executives that a job change is well considered and exercized with discretion. If the willingness to change your employer becomes public in the market, negative consequences for your reputation arise and possibly hinder the sensitive job changing process. 

We present you at our customer in anonymous form. Usually, we have a mandate to fill a specific vacancy. In special cases and upon request of our candidates, we actively present him or her at a selected number of companies in anonymous form.

We know the market

Since launching our businnes in 2001 we have been consulting experts in our core markets. We know the market and are able to open up new professional opportunities for your next career step. 

We are your partner

As expert of today you are the executive of tomorrow. We provide systematic professional advise so that your next career step corresponds to your overall career aim. If you have any questions with respect to changing your job, we are your partner. 

We offer entry opportunities

Since 2001 we have been offering recruiting services in our core markets. Our customers have increasingly asked us if we know university graduates or well trained experts with relevant apprenticeships. 

If you want to enter the professional market of the plastics industry or the energy industry and if you have already gained some experience in these industries, we would like to offer you interesting entry opportunities at our customers. They are mainly located in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but also internationally, e.g. in the US and Canada.