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Based on our prior businees careers we have gathered broad experience in recruiting experts and executives in our core markets of the plastics mechanical engineering industry including the peripheral devices and the energy industry for the EPC of conventional and nuclear power plants. We have successfully filled demanding vacancies at an expert and executive level. 

We take care of the highly sensitive process of searching and selecting qualified personnel. At the same time, you are free to invest your primary company resources where your core business really is. Due to our "neutral" position in the market we offer an objective recruiting service with the utmost discretion to our customers and applicants. 

OUR METHOD: Direct Search

Finding good employees takes a lot of time and energy. If the new employee does not meet the requirements, substantial difficulties will arise for both sides. Compromises have to be made and often a new search is necessary after some time.

The method of direct search, however, follows a systematic recruiting approach that is rigorously oriented at a defined job specification. The direct search method takes into account that the top candidates do not actively look for a new job, the reason for which is evident: they are usually highly motivated, fully occupied and satisfied with their current position.

They will only consider changing their company and position if they perceive an advantage concerning their professional, economic or personal situation. The only way of attracting their interest and willingness to change is directly and individually approaching them.


We aim to identify only the most suitable candidates for you. Due to our consulting experience we assess executives and experts on the basis of their professional development, their relevant experience in the industry and their proven track of records taking into account their educational background. Personal features and the personality of the candidates are also important factors that we consider in our assessment. 


  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering Industry
  • Plastics Industry
  • Energy Industry


  • Graduates
  • Experts
  • Executives in the Middle and Top Management

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