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Clear Goals

Prior to handing in your application, you should have a clear idea of your next career goal. Only those who know what their goal is, can pursue it purposefully. We as your consultant will support you in the pursuit of your goal but we cannot tell you what your goal is. 

Statements such as "I am looking for a new challenge that corresponds to my experience" sound very nice but are not very purposeful. Vague statements create confusion. Documents that neither communicate goals nor expertise, will not attract our attention. The questions arises: "What does he or she want from us?"

What do I know and what have I achieved?

Do not hide your light under a bushel! Understatement will not make evident your value and will not attract the necessary attention. Your story has to be comprehensible. Do not assume that the reader knows your daily business and your company.

On the basis of a defined job specification, we are looking for specific key words that very often refer to technical expertise. If we find these key works in your application, it will not take long and we will give you a call. 


Be sure to mention the following aspects:

  1. Goal, your next career step, or make reference to a specific vacancy.
  2. Comptence and expertise: What have you achieved? What experience to you have in certain technologies / products / services? What is your professional emphasis? What responsibility have you had concerning employees or turnover? 
  3. Describe your current and prior employers: information on their core competences, products, size will indicate some usefull information on your own experience and profile. 
  4. What education and educational emphases do you have?
  5. Languages
  6. Software skills
  7. Your contact details, i.e. telephone number, direction and e-mail.


For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to receiving your application.