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1. Job Specification

In close cooperation with our customer we define the detailed job specification of the vacancy.

Company profile

The goals, overall context and perspective of the company

Candidate profile

  • Responsibility
  • Tasks
  • Technical, methodological and personal competences
  • Professional experience
  • Mobility and willingness to move 



2. Candidate Search


On the basis of the job specification we have a set of defined searching routes in order to identify those canadidates who fulfill the defined requirements. 

  • Drawing a list of tarket companies
  • Searching the dynamic AMP applicant pools that are constantly being extended by qualified experts and executives in our core markets 
  • Searching relevant platforms of external providers and social media
  • Using our established network in our core markets
  • Participating in relevant fares and shows

Direct Search

Having identified a large pool of potential candidates, we directly conctact and speak to the experts and executives who meet the requirements in the most suitable way. Thus, we are able to contact top-performers who are not actively looking for a new job. Interest and willingness to change the employer are created when the vacancy corresponds to a professional further development. 


3. Candidate Selection


We systematically compare the application documents of the candidates with the defined job specification taking into account their technical and professional experience.

Telephone Interview

In addition, we interview the selected candidates according to a defined interview structure on the telephone. 

Personal Interview

In a personal interview we pursue the following goals: 

  • On the basis of a defined interview form we evaluate the personal and social competences of the applicants as well as their suitability for the job specification. We also try to assess if the "chemistry is right" between the potential new partners. 
  • We consult our candidates in taking their next professional step and in planning their long-term career. Will the discussed vacancy improve their professional situation accordingly?



4. Candidate Presentation


We now define a short-list of the most suitable candidates, i.e. those candidates who meet the job specificiation to the largest extent with respect to personality, technical expertise, etc.

Anonymous Presentation

The shortlisted candidates will be presented anonymously according to a structured short profile and their CV. Thus, our customer gains a good understanding of the professional development, the salaray expectation and the strong points of the candidates. Furthermore, we provide an objective evaluation of the candidate with respect to the vacancy. 

Personal Interview

On the basis of the anonymous short profile and CV our customer decides who of the shortlisted candidatew will be invited to a personal interview. We support the organisation of the first interview.


We mediate the feedback process after the first talk between the customer and the candidate. We discuss pending questions and issues. 


On request we take up references about our candidates in order to back up the decision making process by providing the opinions of third persons.   


5. Filling

At the end of our structured recruiting process we have reached our goal to fill the vacancy with the best possible suitability and quality for both the customer and the candidate.